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Tuition Structure

Tuition and all academic fees, per year:



Out of State Students: $15,000

Florida Residents: $9,000

Registration: $150 (non-refundable)

Room and Board is not provided by the school and must be arranged independently.


Financial Aid:

A limited number of partial tuition scholarships and work-study grants are available.

Grants are intended to cover part of a student's tuition and available to a student in need of such support who:

  1. is a member of the Jewish community;

  2. is an American citizen or permanent resident who qualifies for a needs-based partial tuition scholarship, or foreign student (holder of an F-1 visa) whose outstanding academic qualities qualify him/her for a work-study grant;

  3. is a full-time student at CYS College, having met all admissions requirements;

  4. has a demonstrable record of service to the Jewish community; and

  5. intends to work or volunteer in the Jewish community.


Please note your financial aid needs when you apply for admission.


Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  1. Any Student who cancels his/her Enrollment Agreement in person, by electronic mail or by certified mail within three business days of signing the Agreement will receive a full refund of tuition.

  2. If the Student is not admitted, a full refund will also be given.

  3. Any Student who withdraws during the “drop/add period” (the first two weeks of any term) will receive a full refund of tuition.

  4. Refunds for withdrawing after the drop/add period will be prorated as follows: first term = 40% refund; second term = 30% refund; third term = 20% refund.

  5. All refunds will be issued within 30 days of withdrawal or cancellation.


Course Cancellation Policy:

In the unlikely event that a published course is cancelled, the student will be afforded the opportunity to register for substitute course(s).


Attendance Policy:

Attendance is mandatory at CYS College courses. Any student who misses more than ten percent of the class meetings, except under exceptional circumstances, will be dropped from the class.


Students are required to submit attendance sheets to faculty at the end of each trimester. Failure to submit attendance sheets and/or reports from faculty of poor attendance may result in dismissal from the program.

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