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Student Requirements – Doctor of Hebrew Letters (DHL)

Applicants must present the following to be considered for admission to the Program:


  1. A letter of application indicating the student’s background, research interests, and career and personal goals.

  2. Support from a senior member of the CYS College faculty who would be the student’s mentor.

  3. Transcripts of all previous college or yeshiva work at the B.H.L. and M.H.L. levels, as well as ordination certificates or other earned academic credentials.

  4. Evidence of sufficient competence in research languages, which might be Hebrew and Aramaic.


Applications will be accepted at any time; however, students must be prepared to start the academic year in late August.


Students will be admitted or rejected on the basis of transcripts of previous work, a carefully prepared letter of application, language competencies, and the willingness of a senior member of our faculty to guide the student through the program.


Admissions standards will be applied equitably. All applications will be evaluated in writing and these evaluations will be maintained in our files. The Shul building is accessible and accommodations for those with disabilities will be undertaken.


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