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15th International Conference on Torah and Science

         As they say, times change. And the wise change with them.

This includes our renowned Torah and Science conferences.

Ever since 1987, we have been bringing high-level scholars and rabbis

for 4- or 5-day explorations of the variety of compelling issues to which

we must respond deliberately and intelligently.

         With the pandemic and its attendant cultural permutations, it appears that such a larger and extensive program no longer meets the needs and

habits of our audience.

         Starting with Torah & Science 15, we will present an annual rather than biennial program. Rather than expansive conferences, we will present focused events, all about a single topic approached from different perspectives and specializations.

  The next Torah & Science program will be on

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

exploring how Gender Identity has become such a compelling social issue.

We draw on rich disciplinary resources from the fields of ethics, medicine, psychiatry, psychology, history, and sociology.

Submissions and queries should be sent to Dr. Nathan Katz:

The Organizing Committee:
  Professor Nathan Katz (Dean, CYS College)
  Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar (President, CYS College)
  Rabbi Shea Rubinstein
  Ms. Lydia Hasson

Mrs. Ilana Attia

For more information contact Lydia Hasson at The Shul at 305-868-1411, ext. 311

or send an email to

When the Lubavitcher Rebbe blessed Rabbi Sholom Dovber Lipskar and Professor Herman Branover for organizing the First Miami International Torah & Science Conference, he circled the word “relativity” in the conference subtitle. The Rebbe noted that Einstein’s research probed the nature of light. Just as the speed of physical light provides a measure of absoluteness to the physical world, the light of the Torah commandments, invoked by kindling the Chanukkah candles, signifies another level of absoluteness. Thus the First Miami Torah & Science Conference was held during Chanukkah of 1987 at the Sheraton Hotel of Bal Harbour. Its proceedings, entitled Fusion, were published in 1990 by Feldheim Publishers. The Second Miami Torah & Science Conference was held at the same venue on December 24-26, 1989. Click here for a full history of the conference.

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