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Careers in Jewish Education, Community Services, Synagogue Administration, and Outreach work.


The Doctor of Hebrew Letters is open to very advanced, exceptional students only.  The student will work primarily with a mentor, a senior member of the CYS College faculty, as well as in several tutorials (small group learning), directed readings and independent studies, will develop and teach a beginning-level course at CYS College under the direction of the Academic Dean, and will develop a doctoral project proposal, conduct original research, and present his or her findings to the College. The D.H.L. degree will be awarded upon recommendation by the mentor and a majority vote of all College faculty.  A minimum of 36 credit hours will be required; as each program is individualized, additional course work may be required, and the program would typically take three years beyond the M.H.L. (or high order rabbinic ordination, such as yadin yadin semicha), or 108 clock hours minimum.  All courses are taught at CYS College.  It is assumed that applicants for the D.H.L. will have learned the equivalent of our M.H.L. program and courses.

The D.H.L. builds upon proficiency in Talmud and Judaic Law and assumes appropriate spiritual qualities and personal development to become a leader of a community or a teacher, and to conduct independent research in topics of Jewish Studies.

Students will take four courses and/or independent research per term for a total of 36 credit hours. 

GRADES: The work of each student is graded on the following scale: A (93 - 100%), A- (90 - 92%) Excellent, B+ (87 - 89%), B (83 - 86%), B- (80 - 82%) Good, C+ (77 - 79%), C (73 - 76%), C- (70 - 72%) Fair, D+ (67 - 69%), D (63 - 66%), D- (60 - 62%) Poor, F (below 50%) Failure, NC No credit, AU Audit, P Pass, W Withdrawn without penalty or prejudice, I Incomplete work. 

D.H.L. courses are numbered between 700-999. 700-evel courses are advanced background for doctoral studies, 800-level courses delve into the substance of one’s research topic, and 900-level are done in field work and writing up the project. D.H.L. student with the permission of their major professor make also take courses at the 500-699 level under certain circumstances.

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