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7:30 - 9:30 PM

                                       Professor Thane Rosenbaum (Touro)

Professor Rosenbaum will analyze the impact of the current fashion of Gender Identity. We will learn about the origins and normalization of what had been considered outlandish until recently. We see GI dominating political contests, and its inclusion in children’s education has become a firestorm, rending our society in pernicious ways. Medicine, law, and other professions see similar chaos. The talk will explore how we got to this point, and where we may be going.


Thane Rosenbaum is a law professor, legal and Middle East analyst, novelist, essayist, and Distinguished University Professor at Touro University, where he directs the Forum on Life, Culture & Society.  He is the author of numerous books of fiction and nonfiction, including Saving Free Speech … from Itself;  Payback: The Case for Revenge; and The Myth of Moral Justice: Why Our Legal System Fails to Do What’s Right.  His novels include, How Sweet It Is!; The Stranger Within Sarah Stein; The Golems of Gotham; Second Hand Smoke; and Elijah Visible.  He writes a twice-monthly essay for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, for which he has received the Louis Rapoport Award for Excellence in Commentary, and has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, CNN, and the Daily Beast, among other publications. He is the Legal Analyst for CBS News Radio, and is a frequent guest on various cable news shows on such topics as the Conflict in the Middle East, global anti-Semitism, terrorism, human rights, moral justice, and Holocaust memory.

Rabbi Sholom D. Lipskar (CYS College)

The Failsafe Point Between Human Development and Degradation:

Understanding Human Identity versus Gender Identity and The Sexualization of Society.

Rabbi Sholom Dovber Lipskar was ordained at the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn in 1968, pursued advance studies at the Chabad Lubavitch Graduate School of Theology and Applied Rabbinics and at the Kollel Avreichim – Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Graduate School.  He was appointed a Shliach (Emissary) by the world leader of Chabad Lubavitch, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, in 1969.  Assigned to the Landow Yeshiva Center in Miami Beach, where he founded Yeshiva Gedolah Rabbinical College and served as Principal and Dean of elementary, secondary and high school studies.


In 1981 he founded The Shul, where he continues to serve as Head Rabbi and founded the Aleph Institute, a national Jewish education and humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the incarcerated and the military and their families being the official endorser of chaplains for the Department of Defense; and the Educational Academy for the Elderly, where he is responsible for the development of pilot programs which restructure the educational priorities of elderly citizens.  He has been an Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at Florida International University.  


Rabbi Lipskar served on the Miami Beach Commission of Housing in 1981.  He is the chief organizer of the premier biannual International Torah and Science Conference since 1987.  


In 2004, he founded the Chaim Yakov Shlomo College of Jewish Studies offering Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Hebrew Letters, and Rabbinical Ordination, attracting students from across the globe.


In 2009, The Shul was recognized as one of America’s 25 most vibrant congregations by Newsweek magazine and in 2013 Rabbi Lipskar was listed as one of the “Jewish 100” by The Algemeiner.

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