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Student Information


Environment and Student Services

CYS College of Jewish Studies (CYSCJS) is located in the premises of The Shul, a Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue in Surfside, Florida, and near to Bal Harbour, North Bay Village, and Bay Harbor Islands. The Shul has become the focal point of a vibrant Jewish community, and CYSCJS students will enjoy the amenities such a community affords: synagogues, kosher restaurants, convenient shopping, and recreational activities.


Students will have access to the extensive Jewish community of Miami Beach, with the many institutions which support a rich Jewish life, including synagogues, kollels, Jewish learning centers and libraries, a Holocaust memorial, a Jewish community center, restaurants, Judaica shops, etc.

CYSCJS is located at The Shul, 9540 Collins Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154, and is accessible by public as well as private conveyances.


Physical Plants and Facilities Management

The Shul is an extensive, decade-old complex, with a sanctuary, chapels which are used for a Sephardic minyan, lecture halls, and the College’s library. As a focal point for the Jewish community, The Shul offers extensive resources: early childhood education, recreational facilities, mikva’ot, extensive space for social functions, etc. The Shul offers the community a vigorous lecture series, including leading rabbinic scholars, concerts, and lectures on Jewish interest. The Shul and CYSCJS co-host a biennial conference on “Torah and Science". The Shul has classrooms, a study hall, and other facilities for use by CYSCJS students.



CYSCJS maintains a professional, rabbinic-Judaic library for use by its students, staff and faculty. The Library is located at the southwest corner of the first floor of The Shul and is under the direction of a qualified Judaica librarian.


The Library contains an extensive collection of the sacred writings and commentaries which form the heart of the curriculum, as well as historical, literary, and modern critical works, journals, reference materials, electronic publications, and manuscripts.


CYSCJS is connected globally to users of the Internet. Online search services enable students to access a myriad of research and technological tools.


Academic Information and Policies

CYSCJS reserves the right to change tuition, fees, course offerings, and admissions and graduation requirements at any time without prior notice. Students should consult CYSCJS’s bulletin board and website for changes. The student and the College are bound to the contract created by the Catalogue and the Enrollment Agreement at the time the student signs the Agreement, unless the student signs a new Agreement.  Consideration will be given, however, to a petition by a student for permission to continue a course of study in effect at the time the student enrolled, provided that no more than the normal period of time is taken to complete the program.


Transfer of Credit

Due to the specialized nature of CYS College’s instructional programs, we do not generally accept inward transfer of credits earned elsewhere. Students may appeal this policy to the Academic Dean. Outward transfer of credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution.



Students are required to submit attendance sheets to faculty at the end of each trimester. Failure to submit attendance sheets and/or reports from faculty of poor attendance may result in dismissal from the program.


If a student is absent or seriously incapacitated through illness for a considerable portion, but less than half, of a trimester, the student’s course load may be reduced. In all cases, if a student is absent from any course for any cause for more than half a semester, the course will not be counted and the student will receive a grade of W for the course. Customarily, students wait 20 minutes when an instructor is delayed for class.



All students must take examinations as scheduled. A student who is absent from a class test due to illness or an equally compelling cause must consult with the instructor about exam requirements.


A final examination may be postponed only on account of illness or some equally compelling emergency that causes absence at the time of the examination or immediately preceding it. Under these conditions, the student should notify the Rosh Yeshiva immediately and should subsequently submit a request for a makeup test, along with a physician’s note, if applicable. Makeup examinations are scheduled by the Rosh Yeshiva in the subsequent trimester.


Once a student has taken a final examination, no re-examination may be given. No excuse – whether illness, lack of preparation, or any other reason – will be accepted as grounds for a retest or an additional test or assignment.


If a student arrives late at any examination and has no valid excuse for the lateness, the test is taken in the remainder of the allotted time.


Cheating on an examination will subject the offender to disciplinary action, including possible expulsion for CYSCJS.


Academic Retention, Probation and Dismissal

Students are expected to maintain an academic average of C or better each trimester and cumulatively. Students who, in any trimester, fail to achieve a C average or to accrue the required credits may be placed on academic probation.


Probation serves as a serious warning to students whose records are unsatisfactory, and is intended to help them achieve the necessary improvement.


Restrictions or conditions may be imposed upon students on probation in the following areas: programs, employment, extracurricular activities, and financial assistance.


Students whose trimester or cumulative average falls below a C two trimesters in succession, or three trimesters nonconsecutively, or who fail all their courses in a trimester, may be dismissed from the school without further notice.


Student Grievance Procedures

Students who wish to appeal an academic policy or action by the administration or by an individual faculty member are directed to follow this procedure:


  1. Discuss the matter with the instructor of the course or other individual involved. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved in this manner, the student may, if he wishes, pursue the matter by following point 2 and 3 below.

  2. Consult with the Rosh Yeshiva who may, at his option, mediate a solution or appoint and refer the issue to an ad hoc committee (“the Committee”) of faculty and/or administrators of CYSCJS which may include individuals who by their experience and training can add to the work of the Committee. The Committee shall make a decision within thirty days and convey it to the Rosh Yeshiva who will notify the student.

  3. The student may appeal the decision, in writing, within ten days of the notification, to the President of CYSCJS, whose determination shall be final.

  4. In the case of unresolved conflict, contact the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400, toll-free number (888) 224-6684.


Academic Integrity

The submission by a student of any examination, course assignment, or degree requirement is assumed to guarantee that the thoughts and expressions not expressly credited to another are literally the student’s own. Evidence to the contrary will result in appropriate penalties, which may include failure in the course or disciplinary dismissal from the College.


Disciplinary Probation and Dismissal

CYSCJS expects it students to exhibit high qualities of character, as well as demonstrate academic achievement. Every student is expected to adhere to the ideals represented by CYSCJS and to show seriousness of purpose, intellectual dedication, and respect for the views and convictions of others. A student’s continuance on the rolls of CYSCJS, the receipt of academic credits, graduation, and the conferring of any degree, diploma, or certificate upon the student, are entirely subject to the disciplinary powers of CYSCJS, and to the student’s maintaining high standards of ethical, academic, and religious conduct. A student may be placed on probation or dismissed by CYSCJS at any time for infringement of these standards. Hazing in any form is strictly prohibited.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Any Student who cancels his/her Enrollment Agreement in person, by electronic mail or by certified mail within three business days of signing the Agreement will receive a full refund of tuition.

  2. If the Student is not admitted, a full refund will also be given.

  3. Any Student who withdraws during the “drop/add period” (the first two weeks of any term) will receive a full refund of tuition.

  4. Refunds for withdrawing after the drop/add period will be prorated as follows: first term = 40% refund; second term = 30% refund; third term = 20% refund.

  5. All refunds will be issued within 30 days of withdrawal or cancellation.



CYSCJS will endeavor to assist its graduate in finding suitable employment commensurate with his/her training. The President of CYSCJS is available to help in career-oriented networking and advising. However, nothing in this catalog should be construed as a promise of employment after graduation, or even as a guarantee of the graduate’s employability.


Statement of Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of CYSCJS not to discriminate in admissions. Reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities under federal law will be granted.


International Students

The Academic Dean serves as advisor to all international students. Once the student’s application for admission is complete and the Rosh Yeshiva has recommended a student for admission, the Academic Dean or Chief Administrative Officer will issue an I-20 form authorizing the issuance of an appropriate visa by the United States Embassy in the student’s home country.


Issuing a visa is often a slow and detailed process, and students are advised to begin the process several months before the term begins.


First, the student should consult for a listing of United States diplomatic and consular offices abroad.  The Student must contact the embassy to determine when the process ought to begin and what fees are required, the expected wait time for issuance of the visa, location and hours of the consular office, etc.


You will need an F-1 category visa. To obtain this visa, you will need an I-20 form to be sent to you by the Academic Dean or Chief Administrative Officer of CYS College of Jewish Studies. Upon receipt of your I-20, you should make an appointment with the United States Embassy.


In addition to the I-20, you will need to bring with you:


  1. A valid passport

  2. Visa application form DS-160 available at or from the U.S. Embassy

  3. Visa fee (as determined by the U.S. Embassy in your country)

  4. Proof of Payment of SEVIS fee. Information on the SEVIS fee can be found at:

  5. Proof of Finances. This will include a letter from CYS College of Jewish Studies indicating your financial aid, if any, as well as affidavits of support from family members and letters from your bank verifying the availability of adequate funds.

  6. Copy of your academic transcripts

  7. Letter of admission to CYS College of Jewish Studies

  8. Letters of recommendation


You ought to familiarize yourself with issues an international student coming to America will face. It is recommended to consult or


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