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Student Requirements


Student Requirements – Bachelor of Hebrew Letters (BHL)


The CYSCJS B.H.L. Program is extensive and intensive. It is extensive in that it covers a wide-ranging approach to Judaism, and it is intensive that it is a demanding, full-time program designed for working adults.


Applicants should submit the following items:


  1. A letter or statement indicating the applicant’s academic achievements and goals.

  2. Transcripts of all previous academic work, together with a certified English translation as needed.

  3. A letter of recommendation addressing the prospective student’s character.

  4. A letter of recommendation addressing the prospective student’s academic preparation.

  5. An evaluation of the applicant’s knowledge of Hebrew and/or Aramaic.


Students will be admitted or rejected on the basis of their transcripts of previous work, their application letter, as well as the reference letters attesting to both academic and personal qualities. Applications and admissions are on a revolving basis. A student may begin work at the beginning of each semester.


Admissions standards will be applied equitably. All applications will be evaluated in writing and these evaluations will be maintained in our files. The Shul building is accessible and accommodations for those with disabilities will be undertaken.

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