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The Bachelor of Hebrew Letters (B.H.L.) Program is a 4 year course, offering a unique approach for the adult learner. The program is designed to accommodate the needs and schedules of adults. As such, it incorporates lectures, one-on-one tutorials, intensive learning modules, web-based learning, and individual study assignments. 

Chaim Yakov Shlomo College of Jewish Studies (CYSCJS), established in 2004, is an intensive academic institution which will grant Smicha (Rabbinic Ordination), which is linked to the Master of Hebrew Letters (M.H.L.) degree,

and a Bachelor of Hebrew Letters (B.H.L.),

a degree designed for lay professionals in

the Jewish community.


CYSCJS is open to men and women

of all ages.


Download the Zoom app from the Apple App Store or Android or create your profile at
Once downloaded on your phone or computer, you can join the class by using this link.

Password: 699576

Click here for the current class schedule

Welcome To
The Chaim Yakov Shlomo
College of Jewish Studies
at The Shul

The Master of Hebrew Letters / M.H.L. and Smicha Program is a 2 year, advanced, accelerated program leading to the Yoreh Yoreh Smicha (Rabbinical Ordination - men only) and the Master in Hebrew Letters degree. The Yoreh Yoreh Smicha confers the authority to rule on laws included in Yoreh Deah and Orach Chaim.

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